The destinations primed for good shopping are from flea markets to hi-end stores. Imagine the whole of women clothing, fashion apparels and accessories  is systematically crammed onto your desktop or mobile screen!!! Wow….isn’t it.

The Holiday season is the most harrowing time for shoppers, though a regular day is as bad for the shopping enthusiast. The long queues, the parking nuisance, the traffic, the rush at the stores and the long billing lines. This kills all the fun of shopping, it becomes more stressful rather than the relaxation it is meant to be.

stressful Shopping

What makes a shopping experience enjoyable?

Broadly there are only five criteria, which make or break a shopping experience:

1. Reaching the stores : the kind of transport available, how affordable is the mode of transport, parking space and the parking charges, time taken to reach the shopping mall, availability of cabs and fare prices

2. Value for money: what are the average prices, if any discounts, promotions, offers,  the opportunity to grab a good bargain

3. Variety : the choice of styles available as per the season, various categories of attire, quality products

4. Visual display: how well are the products displayed to catch the buyers attention, friendly staff, ease of billing

5. Returns and replacements: policy and procedure of returns and replacements

 Online Shopping

These are the points that every shopper has in mind before going shopping. If any one of the criteria is not fulfilled, the shopping experience becomes a nightmare.

The best places to shop are New York, London, Madrid, Seoul, Vienna, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Paris, Hongkong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Buenos Aires and Milan

Online shopping portals like pintucked offer a fantastic, satisfying experience. The wonderful options of womens fashion wear by Numph and Peeplaoves gives an opportunity for every woman to dress stylishly at a very affordable price.

Change your wardrobe as the season is changing too. Buy the breezy, cool tops and skirts this summer. Experience the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. No more hassle of going to the physical store to check out the clothes or accessories. Order them online now and get it delivered to your home. Try it out!!! If you don’t like it, request a return pickup.   

Shopping has to an enjoyable and gratifying experience. Shopping is a stress buster has been proved by psychologists across the globe. Online shopping has become easier and simpler with the ‘fashionable shop’ at the finger tips, combined with the ease of purchase of goods, delivery to your doorstep and easy return policy. Not only can you enjoy your shopping experience, but you subtly contribute to saving the environment as well. Lesser cars on the road, lesser cars in parking areas, lesser billing queues that saves time in addition to the comfort of the products delivered to your doorstep.