Fashion is dynamic! There are certain trends /rules that never change even with time. Let's jump to basic fashion rules….

The unchanging rules of fashion

  • Choose a bra that fits perfectly on your body. The right bra will make a huge difference to enhance your appearance and add glamor to your outfit
  • Apply the 40:60 ratio to your wardrobe. 40% of your apparels must be basic like tees, whites, turtlenecks,monochromes, while 60% should be the feminine, groovy, trendy kinds
  • Fashion should project you wisely
  • Balance your attire as per your body shape, accessorize to add to your personality

 image source :- unsplash


Fashion trends for 2018

What’s stylish and trendy for this season/year? With so many fashion blogs, most of us are confused as to what is the fashion trend and how to stand out from the crowd. Well, here is a set of precise tips for a fashionable you. What you must have to look stylish and trendy in 2018.

  1. Yellow is the color of the season

The color of a single ray of light is the color for 2018. Dresses, jackets, scarves…bring the warmth to life with the vibrant yellow color

  1. Polka Dots

Polka dots never go out of fashion. A jumpsuit, dress, bikini, skirt in polka dots is the trend this year

  1. Leopard

Bring out the wild side in you with leopard prints. Leopard print outfits will attract people towards you. Leopard booties, scarves, jackets, blouse or a fur coat …bring out the wildcat in you

  1. Fiddlers Cap, Fisherman’s cap, baker boy hat

Considered to be a man’s hat, this is the hottest accessory for women in 2018. Flaunt your style with the hat or use it to cover your bad hair day!!

  1. Embellished jean

Ripped is out, embellished is in. Spice up your denim jeans with sequins, pearls, stones or funny patches. Upcycle your old jeans with items picked up from the craft store

  1. Bell bottom trousers

Enjoy the comfort of wide leg trousers. Skinny bottoms are out. Mix up your trouser collection. Be trendy with bell bottom trousers

  1. Corduroy

Corduroy is making a comeback in the fashion world. Incorporate a simple black corduroy skirt in your closet or go in for wide bottom, embellished corduroy pants for the stylish outfit

  1. High necklines

High necklines are for every body type. Show off your dress with a sultry top and matching skirt

  1. Gingham

A tricky pattern to wear, but the hottest one this season. A romper is the best outfit to pull off this trend or you may end up looking like a picnic table

  1. Brands

Flaunting the brand logo is the trend. Wearing iconic brand logo tee or a pair of jeans is stylish. If you cannot afford, shop at H&M or Forever21 to buy these brands at lesser than $50

The season has just begun, create a new image for yourself this 2018. Add yellow to your wardrobe and brighten up the party with your sunnier smile!!!

About the author –

The author is a style illustrator with a leading fashion magazine.