The new year, a new season and the new fashion trends. Are you lost? Where can I know about the fashion trends for spring/ summer 2018? Where can I purchase the fashion apparels to make my wardrobe spring friendly? Well, you are at the right place!

Fashion trends

Be bold, bright and beautiful is the fashion trend for this season. Go in for stripes with flutter sleeves, or a printed button up blouse. Cycling shorts with lace are back, so go tone up your thighs and accessorize with a tote bag or bum bag. Vibrant pinks, yellows and reds will be worn with neutral to tone it down.

At a summer wedding throw a cardigan over your dress, fastening it around your neck with a bold broach.  Ugly footwear is the fashion for this season. Go for gum boots, elf shoes or the most hideous sandals. Bright and bold is the fashion mantra this season.

Wear a trench coat with everything, from bikini to boardroom! Bags will make you stand out above the rest. The trend is a waist pouch, a belt bag or a bum bag to cross body sporty pouches. The pencil skirt is bag this season. This season, the skirts are longer lined and replacing the full skirted midis. The Silhouette is the seller for this season.A belt is the shaper for this season. Understand and identify your body type, wear belted jackets, fasten a man’s shirt, or a sling chain belt with a slinky dress….

Tips on dressing up for this season-

  • How to wear colors

Clash the bright colors, pinks and reds, blues and yellows and mix neons…it should look like a 4 year old designed the clothes!!!

  • Trench coats

Whenever you need attention, wear a trench coat. With the re-created trench coats, you will pray for a dull weather.

  • Belt bags or bum bags

The bumbag / beltbag will be a hit this season as a hands free accessory.  Wear it around your waist or sling it across your body or simply loop it into your favorite jeans as a regular belt.

  • Pencil skirts

They are not the most comfortable stuff to wear, but it is an essential for this season. The pencil skirt is here with a leather finish, deconstructed silhouettes, graphic tee and sneakers. We are loving it.

  • Belt up

Find new ways to wear the belt. Every outfit is a belt-centric outfit.  Wear an extra long , big buckle belt with a suit, a chain belt hanging low on the hips with a dress. Belt up to up your style quotient.

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About the author:                                                                  

The author is a style makeover artist and fashion researcher on women’s fashions.